Deneith guild members

[Left to right] Blademarks guild member, Defenders guild member and a Sentinel Marshal.

While the Blademark provides general security, the

Defender’s Guild specializes in personal protection. The Defender’s Guild is comprised entirely of members of the Deneith bloodline. A Deneith heir must undergo a series of tests to qualify for service in the Defender’s Guild; this usually requires at least one tour of duty in the Blademark. Once she has passed these tests, she is issued a resilient document known as a writ of the Watchful Eye. As long as she possesses this document, the heir can present herself at any Deneith enclave and request work. This writ is sealed with an arcane mark and thus almost impossible to forge. In addition, if an heir’s background is called into question, a house leader may contact the enclave that issued the writ to request verification.

A Deneith defender receives room and board from the house, but is expected to provide her own equipment. She receives an 80% commission for the work she performs; the house takes the remaining 20% in exchange for lodging and brokering services. The daily cost of hiring a Deneith defender is based on the level of dragonmark possessed by the guardian; she is expected to use her mark to protect her charge.

Dragonmark Cost/Day
None 1 gp
Least 3 gp
Lesser 120 gp
Greater or Siberys 650 gp

The Sharn enclave includes 33 unmarked defenders, 75 defenders with least marks, and 7 with lesser marks. There are no Deneith heirs with greater or Siberys marks in Sharn.

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