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Daren d'Thuranni (Hexblade) was born to the Thuranni line in House Phiarlan in Farlnen. He got to show his talents in warlock powers almost at birth. He was also very good at fighting and got his dragonmark early. He very rarely got along with other the children because they did not understand his magic. The Thuranni gave him much training in magic, but he easily outdid them because warlocks are so rare. So the Thuranni sent him to The Twelve to study magic. As he studied in The Twelve keep he meet Vardaen ir'Avies who was a necromancer and knew what he was and had gone through, and so they soon became good friends. Daren soon became rivals with Alexandria d'Phiarlan because she was a phiarlan and she was born in the elven homeland. He also hates her because her goal is his, becoming a member of the Twelve themselves. He also met Dithen Elaren and he fell in love with her but she was in love with Aldric d'Cannith so they stayed friends. But by the end of their studies Dithen and him started to love each other and when they went back to Farlnen they stayed in touched with Vardaen ir'Avies and they help each other form time to time. He became a follower of the Blood of Vol and is one of they few that know of Vol and she teaches him news spells because she sees him as her way into the Twelve.

Weapon: 2 long-swords.

Long black hair

Blue eyes

Religion: The Blood of Vol

Notes: Elf, Member of House Thuranni, Dragonmarked, Blood of Vol