Daphanë d'Kundarak is a female dwarf, high ranking member of House Kundarak and is Morikkan's grand-niece. She is a renowned banker with an aggressive attitude to business, she is currently the president of the Kundarak bank in Sharn and commands a lot of influence in public policy through the use of loans. She is known to have few friends due to her blunt personality and is even seen as stubborn by parliament and too much of a risk taker by the leaders of Breland. Despite this she is highly respected within House Kundarak and is a fair woman, but she never forgets those who do her wrong, never forgives a broken promise and will take vengeance if she feels the need to. She also runs the Kundarak enclave in Sharn's Dragon Towers district though, is rarely there as she spends most of her time at the Kundarak Bank.


3.5e: N female dwarf 7/dragonmark heir 4


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