Middle Tavick’s Landing: This ward is a

center for trade and commerce, catering to adventurers,

commoners, and merchants bringing

cargoes in on the Orien lightning rail or by trade

caravan. Dalaina Ironhand (LN female dwarf

expert 5) is a plain-spoken woman who represents

the merchants of the district. She is a hard-nosed

negotiator with no sense of humor and no interest

in anything beyond the bottom line. She always

drives for the best bargain for her people—whatever

form that bargain may take—but she has no taste

for underhanded intrigue. As a result, she opposes

the schemes of the “Boromar Block”—Bestan

ir’Tonn, Caskar Havalik, Thurik Davandi, and Ilyra

Boromar—whenever possible.

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