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Daine is the leader of a team of ex-Cyran soldiers turned adventures. He, along with Artificer Lei d'Cannith, Warforged Ranger Pierce, and Jode d'Jorasco escaped Cyre before the Mourning could claim them. They made there way to Sharn, where they settled for a time. A soldier and one-time mercenary, Daine was once an heir of House Deneith. Born in Cyre, he is known to have worked for Alina Lorridan Lyrris for an extended period of time. In order to serve with the Queen's Guard of Cyre, ultimately rising to the rank of captain in southern command. Following the Mourning and destruction of Cyre, he has led the survivors of his troop to Sharn

Daine also appears in the trilogy Thorn of Breland

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