Aliases The Perfect Order
Languages Daan
3rd edition rules
Alignment Strong law
Enhanced Magic Lawful spells
Impeded Magic Chaotic spells
Coterminous 100 yrs. every 400 yrs.
Remote 100 yrs. every 400 yrs.
Source Eberron Campaign Setting,
pg. 96

Daanvi the Perfect Order is the manifestation of law in the Planes of Eberron. All things of Daanvi live in perfect harmony born of order.[1]


Daanvi is a plane of order, where cleanly defined crops are farmed by its formian inhabitants. Battalions of angels patrol the skies of Daanvi, and welcome planar travelers and merchants.[1][2]


MM35 PG108

The formians of Daanvi

  • The most numerous inhabitants of the plane of Daanvi are the formians, whose colonies network the plane.[1]
  • Various angels and immortals who worship Aureon and Boldrei, such as the justicators and the arcadian avengers call Daanvi home, where they thrive in the harmony of the plane.[1][2][3]
  • Most of the Inevitables also call the plane of Daanvi home, including the Kolyarut and the Zelekhut.[1]
  • The visilights live on Daanvi as well, where they explore the plane in search of perfection.[1][4]
  • The other creatures inhabiting Daanvi are Axiomatic creatures; creatures that have been empowered with the essence of order.[1]

Manifest ZonesEdit

  • Formian hives have been found in the jungles of Xen'drik, which assumes the existence of manifest zones on the lost continent.[5]

Effects on the Material PlaneEdit


While superstitions say that Eberron is more stable when Daanvi is coterminous, there has been no specific evidence of this being true.[1]


Just as there is no effect when Daanvi is coterminous, there is no effect when Daanvi is remote.[1]


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