Gifted in etiquette and guile, courtesans move from one benefactor to the next, infiltrating social circles to spy on their enemies…and just as often their allies. Betrayal is their past time, victims played like the fine chords of a harp. At times courtesans serve as high-priced assassins, though they prefer to ruin foes without resorting to violence. However, once blades are drawn, they prove to be devious combatants, sowing discord among foes and leveraging weaknesses to lure foes to their doom. Few can say whose side a courtesan truly belongs to, or what really drives their plays for power – those who know have long since fallen silent to blade or blackmail.

Courtesans weather the inevitable questioning of moral character with poise, an unreadable veil across their face as they plan their next scheme. They could be the recently freed servant of a deposed king, a reluctant prisoner of war seeking to return home, a worldly entrepreneur secretly blackmailed into assisting the throne, or a gifted dancer sent to kill the marquis oppressing your people. This class can be found in the Experts v3.5 supplement by Skirmisher Publishing.

In Eberron courtesans would likely come from the courts of the Five Nations, from Korth, Fairhaven, Wroat, Flamekeep, or Thronehold. But they could come from other major cities such as Sharn as well. Anywhere, there is a lot of power and money. They could come from other courts as well, even Rhukaan Draal or the Great Crag. A clever manipulator can make their way anywhere there are people and heirarchies to maneuver among.

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