Conflagration Ooze
Avg. Height 8' long
Avg. Weight 1,500 lbs.
Language(s) Ignan, sometimes Infernal
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Ooze (fire)
Advancement By hit dice
Size Large
Source Monster Manual III, pg. 30-31

Conflagration oozes are a rare sight: a sentient ooze. Created on the plane of Fernia, the Sea of Fire, conflagration oozes are rolling spheres of pure fire. Conflagration oozes use tactics to hunt, and some are even known to horde treasures.[1]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Conflagration oozes look like masses of liquid plasma, constantly on fire, and held together by a thin, transparent membrane. Bursts of fire constantly jet from its surface.

Unlike other oozes, conflagration oozes are sentient, and are usually evil. They usually lair near a volcano or lava pool, and hunt out other creatures for sustenance. Conflagration oozes revel in the destruction they cause, and love seeing their prey catch fire.

Some conflagration oozes are taken in by devils, like the pit fiends of Fernia, and are infused by their infernal energies. These infernal conflagration oozes have additional abilities, and often learn the Infernal language of their demonic masters.[1]


Conflagration oozes are big balls of fire, and can burn anything that comes into contact with their outer membrane. This fire also acts as a toxin, as the plasma of the conflagration ooze enters the target's skin. The heat of the conflagration ooze can boil an opponent's blood. Conflagration oozes are immune to fire-based attacks, and are vulnerable to cold-based attacks.

Conflagration oozes also have innate spell-like abilities. They can affect the minds of their prey, causing them to be distracted, paralyzed, or even fall asleep.

Conflagration oozes that have been transformed by devils have more powerful fire attacks, and can be more deadly to good foes.[1]


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