Dragon Magazine 330-37
Coming Home
Publication Dragon Magazine issue #330
Date April 2005
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Type Story
Author Matt Forbeck
Illustrator Ramon Perez
Pages 50-57
Edition 3rd ed. (3.5)
Series The Lost Mark
Followed by Marked for Death

As a prelude to the Lost Mark trilogy, Matt Forbeck wrote Coming Home for Dragon magazine issue #330. The story tells of the founding of the town of Mardakine on the border of the Mournland.

Notable CharactersEdit

  • Kandler, a human fighter from Breland. Kandler was enlisted by his friend Mardak to help the Cryan start a new live near his old nation of Cyre.
  • Mardak, a dwarven fighter who lost his nation of Cyre during the Day of Mourning. Mardak recruits his friends to help he and his fellow Cyrans find a new home.
  • Burch, a male shifter and old friend of Kandler.
  • Risintlo, a huge bear of a man who fought alongside Markdak during the Last War.

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