D341 4
The clone mask, from Dragon Magazine issue #341
Clone Mask
3rd edition rules
Type Attached
Category Artifact
Magical Aura Strong Transformation
Caster Level 20th
Weight 1 lb.
Source Dragon Magazine issue #341

No one knows the origin of the clone mask, an artifact-level warforged component. It appears to be a fragile, ceramic facelate, but its appearances can be deceiving. It is striking in design, with a blue-colored face on one half of the faceplace and a red-colored face on the other. The mask's crafted expression is a smile on the red-half and a frown on the blue half. The mask can be fastened to the face of a warforged using four short chains, made of an unknown alloy, that wrap around the warforged's head. Despite its seemingly fragile construction, the mask is extremely resistant to damage.

When activated with the command word, in addition to extremely bolstering most of the warforged's natural abilities, it transforms the warforged's entire body. The warforged's upper torso will split in two along the line of the mask, forming a second upper torso, pair of arms, and head. To support this greater upper body mass, the warforged's lower body grows wider and thicker, and a third leg sprouts from the warforged's body.[1]

3rd Edition MechanicsEdit

Only a warforged with a base attack bonus of +6 or higher can wear the clone mask, and once activated, the transformation takes one complete round to finish, during which the warforged cannot take any actions other than defend him or herself.

While activated, the warforged gains the following effects:

  • When making a full attack action, the warforged gains one extra attack, using the warforged's full base attack bonus plus any appropriate modifiers. This effect is cumulative with other effects, such as the haste spell.
  • The warforged gains an additional 2d10 temporary hit points.
  • The warforged may grapple with one opponent without penalty amd may attempt to grapple a second, with incurring all normal penalties for grappling.
  • The warforged cannot be flanked.
  • The warforged gains the powerful build trait. This allows the warforged to br treated as a creature of one size category larger without actually growing in size or gaining the reach of a creature of a larger size.
  • The warforged gains a +2 bonus on all Listen and Spot checks.
  • The warforged gains a +4 stability bonus when resisting a trip attack.

The mask itself has a hardness of 10 points, and a total of 35 hit points. While the wielding warforged has two heads, it still only has one mind. If one of the warforged's heads gets decapitated (like from a vorpal weapon), the warforged returns to normal immediately and is stunned for 2d4 rounds.[1]


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