Dungeon Magazine 133-8
Chimes at Midnight
Publication Dungeon Magazine issue #133
Date April 2006
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Type Adventure
Author Nicolas Logue
Illustrator Chris Stevens, Gala Ferriere, Mike Franchina,
and Rob Lazzaretti
Pages 16-34
Edition 3rd ed. (3.5)
Followed by Quoth the Raven

The brilliant (if somewhat eccentric) detective Victor Saint-Demain has put more criminal masterminds behind bars than any three other inquisitives. But when the master sleuth fails to get the recognition he deserves, he sets out to prove to Sharn that it can't live without him. Set in the famed City of Towers, "Chimes at Midnight" is an event-based adventure of criminal intrigue in the Eberron campaign setting for four PCs of 5th level. With some adaption, this adventure can be played in any urban environment regardless of setting. This adventure is suitable for any character, but those with Intelligence- or Charisma-related skills who can investigate crime scenes and interrogate suspects and witnesses will be helpful.

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