The Children of Winter are a very small druidic sect, numbering approximately 1,100, mainly human with shifters forming the remainder of the adherents. They follow the tenent "survival of the fittest", having come from harsh environments or being through extreme challenges. They believe that without death and decay, there can be no life. The use of arcane magic is allowed, with the effects of the Gloaming being seen in the presence of Warlocks, such as Raven. The Children see the rest of the druidic sects as, at best, past their time. They have no formal heirarchy, rather existing as a series of packs, moving as and where the packs leader directs.

The governments of Khorvaire look upon the Children of Winter as out and out terrorists. The inhabitants of the Reaches are not as extreme in their view, and see the Children more as a force of nature, whose effects are like the impact of a tornado. The closeness of the Gloaming to the north western border of Breland leads to increased activities by the military, attempting to limit any incursions by the Children or the Ashbound.

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