407 CT Sentinel Marshals-1
Character Theme: Sentinel Marshals
Publication Dragon Magazine issue #407
Date January 2012
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Character theme
Author Jeff LaSala
Illustrator Kieran Yanner
Pages 1-4
Edition 4th ed.

Hailing from an ancient line of warlords and mercenaries, Sentinel Marshals are the quintessential elite in law enforcement in Eberron. Contracted to pursue criminals across national borders and beyond into uncivilized realms, they are an international police force dispensed by House Deneith. The Sentinel Marshals hold a reputation of honor, courage, and neutrality unrivaled by traditional chivalric agencies. Where royal courts, churches, and noble houses produce knights sworn to feudal lords, House Deneith produces knights sworn to the immortal ideology of a vanished kingdom. Their devotion to justice is second to none.

The life of a Sentinel Marshal is far from easy, and even the men and women who meet its formidable standards seldom choose it. Most marshals travel constantly, work alone, and regularly cross blades with ruthless outlaws. More than mere soldiers of House Deneith, they are agents of justice and the law, warrior-diplomats who traverse physical and political hazards every day.

Sentinel Marshals aren’t flawless in their actions. They are, however, expected to be.

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