Channara d'Medani is a half-elf female, a high-ranking member of House Medani and the leader of the Thousand Yard Stare guild. Channara is an idealist however, there are many things she wishes to pursue and she is torn on deciding which to carry out. She is torn between rebuilding Arythawn Keep, monitoring the reports of the Thousand Yard Stare patrols she sends into the Mournland and wanting to venture into the field herself. She receives little support in the form of recruits, money and supplies as her Brelish and Thrane counterparts in government nor her superiors within her own house realize how vast the Mournland's western border is. The Thousand Yard Stare are spread thin and each monster that makes its way across the border, Channara perceives as a personal failure. 

Channara also knows that her patrols don't venture far across the border however, she has an insatiable curiosity to know what dwells within the center. Realising that her own troops won't go too far into the Mournland, she has begun to hire explorers however, due to the reputation of the Mournland, she has found no one brave enough or stupid enough to agree. 


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