Cazhaak Draal
Size Metropolis
Country Droaam
Local Ruler Sheska, the Queen of Stone
Population 3.300
Races Medusa
Alignment Neutral
Source Eberron Campaign Guide p. 124

Cazhaak Draal is the ruin of what once was a vast hobgoblin metropolis, located in the Stonelands of Droaam. The city was overrun by the daelkyr during the Daelkyr War, and all of its inhabitants were turned to stone. Weathered goblinoid statues litter Cazhaak Draal's streets to this very day. The city remains remarkably well-preserved, perhaps as a side effect of whatever magic was used to petrify its inhabitants.

Cazhaak Draal is directly connected to Khyber and many fearsome creatures crawl up into the city from its depths. In 778YK, a group of medusa, gargoyles and basilisks trained for war emerged from Khyber. The medusa laid claim to a small section of the ruins, where they remain under the leadership of Sheshka, the Queen of Stone. At any point in time most of Droaam's medusa population can be found here.

According to the lore of the Kech Volaar, great treasure is hidden within Cazhaak Draal, though the medusa have likely found some of it within the small portion of the city they inhabit, and the presence of Khyber's monstrosities must dampen the resolve of even those brave enough to sneak around the medusa's domain.

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