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As living constructs of war, the warforged are designed to incorporate special magic items, called warforged components, onto their form. These components can range from weapons to armor to specialized magical items. While theoretically any item can be crafted for this purpose, certain objects are specifically designed for use by warforged characters. A warforged component can either be embedded into the body of a warforged or attached to the body. Most warforged components are categorized as "basic," though some ancient or extremely powerful components may qualify as artifacts.

Most warforged components were created by House Cannith during the last war, though artificer agents of various powers, from the Lord of Blades to the gnomes of Zilargo may be responsible for the creation of warforged components. Warforged components may even be found lost in the wilds of Xen'drik, created by the ancient giants for their Quorforged fighters.

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