Castle Garodya
Size Stronghold
Country Q'barra
Government Military Dictatorship
Local Ruler Mishva Garodya Stormhorn
Races Dragonborn
Source Eberron Campaign Guide, pg. 150
4E Qbarra

Castle Garodya is the base of operations of Mishva Garodya Stormhorn, also known as Mishva the Conqueror. This dragonborn of the Stormhorn clan seeks to build an army to return the dragonborn empire to greatness. From her fortress in Q'barra, she prepares for the coming conflict against the other races.[1]


A decade ago, Mishva Garodya Stormhorm's brother died at the hands of Wedon Nevillom, the elder of the human settlement of Wyrmwatch. Though the death was over a misunderstanding, Mishva saw the human settlers in Q'barra as a threat to her people. Seeking to bring back the glories of the dragonborn, she started a movement against the humans.

Over the next few years, she gathered quite a number of dragonborn, kobolds, and lizardfolk to her cause. They lave left their respective clanhomes and settled in Castle Garodya.

Though Castle Garodya is still under construction, it houses all of Mishva's troops. Her troops are primarily dragonborn who have become disenfranchised with the peace of their clanhomes, as well as young warriors yearning for battle. In addition to troops, Castle Garodya is home to priest, arcanists, and support staff. In addition to humanoid troops, Mishva has a number of drakes, a half-dozen dragonspawn and three young blue dragons at the castle.[1]


Castle Mishva is in the southwest portion of Q'barra, in a forested section close to the Stormhorn clan. Not coincidentally, it is within striking distance of Wyrnwatch, Pitchwall, and Newthrone.


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