Carcass Crab
Homeland(s) Darguun; The Mournland; Valenar
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Magical Beast
Advancement By hit dice
Size Huge
Source Eberron Campaign Setting, pg. 277

Mutated by the Mournland, the carcass crab is a huge crustacean with dead bodies, abandoned weapons and armor, and other battleground remnants covering its outer shell. While they mainly patrol the Mournland with its camouflaged shell, carcass crabs have been seen passing into Darguun and Valenar.[1]


Upon first glance, the carcass crab appears to be a pile of rotting corpses and abandoned armor. However, this is just an outer layer of a crustacean shell. beneath the shell juts out eight legs, four eyes on eyestalks, and two powerful pincers. The crab's orange shell is barely visible beneath all the remnants of war that make up the crab's outer covering.[1]


The carcass crab primarily relies on its pincers to attack its foes. The various barbs that jut out from the crab's armor are poisonous. In addition, the crab has an adhesive layer on the outside of its shell; it is this layer that creates the detritus that adds to the crab's armor.[1]


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