This part of the house is lead by Merrix d'Cannith. Cannith South is seen by many people as the closest replacement for Whitehearth that the house will ever get. This Enclave possesses the last creation forge. The Cannith of the South send expeditions to Xen'drik to find new artifacts and to the Mournland to regain the lost items and plans of Whitehearth. The Southern Cannith's enclave are all over Breland, Zilargo, and Darguun. There are rumors that they will seat an enclave in Xen'drik but the house denies these plans. Merrix has secured an enclave to be built in Stormreach. The heirs of Cannith South are driven to create new things that that can help Merrix gain control of the house. Worship of the Traveler, in his artificer aspect, has taken a slow hold on members of Cannith South. This troubles Cannith West in particular.