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A warforged camouflaged compartment, from Dragon Magazine issue #352
Camouflaged Compartment
3rd edition rules
Type Embedded
Category Basic
Magical Aura Moderate Abjuration
Caster Level 5th
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Nystul's magic aura, obscure object
Price 12,000 gp.
Weight 1 lb.
Source Dragon Magazine issue #352

A warforged camouflaged compartment is a magically created compartment designed to appear exactly like the surrounding body part. This compartment creates an extra-dimensional space within the body of the warforged, where the warforged can store items. Camouflaged compartments were designed originally for the smuggling of contraband inside warforged slaves or to aid in the concealment of dangerous weapons. These compartments are traditionally found hidden in a warforged's chest, torso, or upper leg, and is a ten-cubic-foot space that holds up to 50 pounds. The opening face is no more than six inches across.[1]

3rd Edition MechanicsEdit

Camouflaged compartments are extradimensional spaces hidden on a warforged body, requiring a DC 30 Search check to find. Once an item is placed within the compartment, it is warded by a Nystul's magic aura spell, making it invisible to traditional means to detect magic, as well as an obscure object spell. [1]


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