Dragonshards small Calendar    Bullet

Index    Bullet Moon phases  

1 Zarantyr 2 Olarune 3 Therendor 4 Eyre 5 Dravago 6 Nymm
7 Lharvion 8 Barrakas 9 Rhaan 10 Sypheros 11 Aryth 12 Vult
Month Season Ours Dragonmark
Zarantyr Mid-winter January Storm
Olarune Late winter February Sentinal
Therendor Early Spring March Healing
Eyre Mid-spring April Making
Dravago Late Spring May Handling
Nymm Early Summer June Hospitality
Lharvion Mid-summer July Detection
Barrakas Late Summer August Finding
Rhaan Early Autumn September Scribing
Sypheros Mid-autumn October Shadow
Aryth Late Autumn November Passage
Vult Early Winter December Warding

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