The Cabinet of Faces
Leader(s) Six Cabinet Rulers

The Cabinet of Faces is a secretive cabal of changelings and doppelgangers working to sway major governments and enterprises toward some nefarious end. Its goals and members are closely held secrets and few people in Eberron even believe in the Cabinet's existence.

The Cabinet believes themselves to be descendants of the Traveler and occasionally the Traveler will possess one of the cabinet rulers to convey a message, the most recent of these was 200 years ago.

The Cabinet is ruled by six doppelgangers each with their own six subordinates known as visages each visage deals directly with their individual cabinet ruler and only the cabinet rulers know one another's identities. Each of the thirty-six visages have subordinates beneath them and many of these have their own subordinates. Ultimately many of the members of the Cabinet of Faces don't know who their true employers are, and aren't even aware that they are members of the Cabinet.

The six doppelganger rulers reside in the six largest regions of Khorvaire

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