Aliases Vine ogres
Homeland(s) The Mournland
Language(s) Common, Sylvan
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Plant
Advancement By hit dice
Size Large
Source Monster Manual IV, pg. 26-27

No one is really sure where the briarvexes came from; they came trudging out of the Mournland after the Day of Mourning. Naturally evil, these walking viney tree-like creatures have been migrating in a pattern that have piqued the interests of those that study the Draconic Prophecy.[1]

Apprearance & PersonalityEdit

A briarvex is a humanoid-shaped walking plant. Large in size, the briarvex is covered in moss, amber sap, and mushrooms, and has spikes protruding across its body. Writhing tentacles jut from the briarvex's waist.

Briarvexes are generally evil, with an intense hatred for treants. As a briarvex gets older, its hatred increases.[1]


The briarvex is a large, strong creature, much like an ogre. It uses its spines to attack its enemies, most frequently by using them like brass knuckles when punching their opponents. Once the punch lands, the spines can detach from the briarvex and burrow under the opponent's skin. The vines at the briarvex's waists can stretch out and entangle foes.[1]


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