Breven d'Deneith
Home Karrlakton, Karrnath
Gender Male
Race Human
3rd edition rules
Level (CR) 10 (CR 10)
Class Aristocrat 3/Fighter 3/Dragonmark Heir 4
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Source Eberron Campaign Setting, pg. 179

Baron Breven D'Deneith is the current patriarch of House Deneith. Breven d'Deneith commands the Sentinel Marshals and the Defenders Guild out of the House Deneith enclave in Karrlakton.

Breven is a an honorable man who helped his house maintain a neutral stance in the Last War, despite his house and personal connections to Karrnath. Though some within his ranks whisper of rebellion and of House Deneith using its military might to take the throne, Breven considers such ideas to be utter madness as it would compromise all he has worked for in the name of his house, not to mention getting involved with other powers, such as the Chamber.[1][2]


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