Bloodfire Ooze
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Ooze (fire)
Advancement By hit dice
Size Huge
Source Monster Manual IV, pg. 18
4th edition rules
Creature Type Elemental Beast (fire, ooze)
Size Large
Source Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale,
pg. 27

Bloodfire oozes are created by the mixing of a huge amount of innocent blood with the ichor of the demon. Bloodfire oozes cross the plains of the Demon Wastes, with most of them having been created by rakshasa experiments. Explorers have also reported the presence of bloodfire oozes beneath various ruins of Xen'drik, and bloodfire oozes have been sighted beneath Sharn, the City of Towers.[1]


Bloodfire oozes are created through ritualistic magic. This ritual involves the blood of one hundred innocent humanoid lives, combined with the ichor of a single demon of great strength. The ritual takes 24 hours to complete, and a completed bloodfire ooze will follow the instructions of its creator.

The ritual for their creation may or may not have originated by the rakshasas. The rakshasas continue to create them, and allow then to roam the Demon Wastes. In addition, the oozes have been found in Sharn and in ruins on Xen'drik.[1]


These mindless oozes look like a smoking, gelatinous blob that moves across any surface. The bloodfire ooze stinks of sulfur.[1]


A bloodfire ooze is mindless, but obeys simple orders from its creators. The body of the ooze is comprised of blood, and the ooze absorbs the blood of its prey. As the bloodfire ooze drinks blood, it grows in size and power. Bloodfire oozes burn to the touch, and can produce flame. In addition, proximity to the bloodfire ooze makes fire-based spells more powerful; however, the ooze itself is immune to fire attacks.[1]


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