A bhuka, from Sandstorm
Avg. Height 4' - 5'
Avg. Weight 90 lbs.
Homeland(s) Menechtarun, Xen'drik
Language(s) Bhuka, Common
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Humanoid
Advancement By character class
Size Medium
Ability Modifiers -2 Strength, +2 Dexterity
Favored Class Druid
Source Sandstorm, pg. 39-41

Bhukas are a race of medium sized creatures that look reminiscent of goblins. They have tan skin, large ears, lithe bodies, and red hair.

They are very peaceful and live in arid places. This race is commonly found in the Menechtarun. Bhukas sustain themselves through farming and pride themselves on being able to find water. Their chief crops are beans, sunflowers, grasses, and corn. Their fields surround the village. Each village is lead by an elderly woman along with a council of both men and women. And each family has a house that is built into a cliff or canyon in order to protect the family.

This race develops very strong relationships with their extended families and they are very loyal to their villages. Bhukas worship a goddess, which they see as the benevolent mother of their race. They believe that she lead them out of Khyber. They claim to be descended from goblins. And these medium sized creatures avoid the wrath of evil gods by appeasing them with a religious event on winter solstice.


Sandstorm (D and D 3.5)

Secrets of Xen'drik (book)

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