This ward has always

had an isolationist attitude, in many ways considering

itself to be a separate city within Sharn. Bestan

ir’Tonn (LE male halfling aristocrat 3/telepath 9) has

represented this community for the last 30 years. A

wealthy barrister from one of the Sixty (see page 112), he has strong connections to the Boromar Clans. He

is a respected man who has always looked out for the

interests of the wealthy of Tavick’s Landing, as well as

for the Boromars. However, he has a secret: he is an

agent of the Dreaming Dark. Fifteen years ago, the

Inspired dominator Tirashana infected him with a mind

seed, and today he is one of three Inspired moles. While

appearing to promote the agendas of his supporters, he

has actually been stirring up dissent and discord.

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