380 Bazaar Dragonshard-1
Bazaar of the Bizarre: Dragonshard Items
Publication Dragon Magazine issue #377
Date October 2009
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Game mechanics
Author Eric Cagle
Illustrator Evan Shipard
Pages 51-58
Edition 4th ed.

Among the powerful dragonmarked houses of Khorvaire, the acquisition and exploitation of the power inherent within dragonshards has always been high on their list of priorities. Infused with the magic, dragonshards impart powerful energy into a staggering variety of magic items.

Although the general populace can and does make use of items empowered with dragonshards (even obliquely, such as riding on the lightning rail), those blessed with dragonmarks gain the largest benefit from dragonshards. Centuries of magical experimentation combined with testing “in the field” have produced many specialized magic items that augment the already formidable talents of the dragonmarked.

This article describes several new dragonshard items. Some of the magic items are openly known, while others are extremely rare or even unique. The techniques used in the creation of these items are typically tightly held trade secrets and constant espionage occurs between the houses to learn these secrets. Indeed, some of the histories provided with these dragonshard magic items may in fact be part of a misinformation campaign or front for an even more mysterious past.

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