Barvette Ir'Wynarn ruled Aundair from 962 to 979 YK as its Queen.  She was the daughter of King Aarott, and had five children of her own, the eldest of which, Aurala ir'Wynarn, is Aundair's current Queen


In 961 YK Barvette's father was killed in a battle with raiders from the Eldeen Reaches in the west. Barvette's first act, before she was even crowned, was to imprison and execute the Eldeen ambassadors that had been sent to Fairhaven to sue for peace. She then launched a series of new incursions into the forest realm that would regain some lost territory (notably the Darkwood), but otherwise wasted soldiers and resources.

In 967, her outnumbered, but more highly skilled troops sucessfully repelled two Thrane armies sent to conquer Fairhaven, driving the invaders back, but at the cost of a significant number of troops, particularly its hard to replace elite forces.

In 968 Thrane attacked again, this time at The Crying Fields. Still depleted from its desperate defense the year before, Aundair was unable to hold the line and was forced to pull its troops back to Ghalt, affording the Thranes a hard-fought victory.

In 971, Aundair simultaneously attacked Thrane at two points, the city of Daskaran in the North, and Fort Light in the South. Aundairian arcane siege engines destroyed Fort Light, forcing Thrane soldiers to retreat to Sword Keep where they entrenched. The attack on Daskaran however was repelled and the advance into northern Thrane stalled.

In 973, Aundair's navy struck Karrnath by sea in the Battle of the Ten Bombards, a midsummer naval engagement between Aundair vessels, supported by dragonhawks and the Fairhaven Wands against the First Fleet of Korth in Scions Sound. Aundair was beaten back, with significant losses on both sides.

In 975, Aundair's Army of Western Pacification finally retreated east of the Wynarn River, signalling Aundair's abandonment of the Eldeen Reaches.  Nevertheless they were able to significantly bolster Aundair's efforts in the east and south.

Five Nations states that the region containing Aundair's former capital city, Thaliost, has been "for the most part" under the control of Thrane's Army of the Northern Crusade since 977, which was near the end of Barvette's reign, but doesn't specify why.  The Forge of War on the other hand states that the Thranes conquered Thaliost during the rule of Regent Marlex in 926, but makes no mention of Thaliost during the reign of Barvette. 

In 979, Barvette succumbed to a magical illness rumored to have been spread by Emerald Claw assassins. The transition of power was a smooth one however, and her daughter Aurala was crowned Queen of Aundair in 980.


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