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  • The Hunt
    TheSovereignHost The Sovereign Host
    This holiday is in honor of Balinor features communal hunts of dangerous creatures.
  • The Hunt
    City-icon Sharn
    The 4th day of Barrakas is dedicated to the Sovereign Balinor. While followers of Balinor are taught to live in harmony with nature, 4 Barrakas celebrates his role as Lord of Horn and Hunt, the hunter who protects his people from marauding predators. Both rural communities and in greatest cities of Khorvaire observe the Hunt. In Sharn (and many other metropolises), the priests of Balinor arrange to have a dangerous beast transported to the city. The City Watch cordons off an area of the Lower-City, and on 4 Barrakas the beast is released into the Depths. Anyone who wishes can participate in the Hunt by making a donation of 5 gp. Hunters receive the blessing of Balinor, and enter the Depths to track down the beast. Whoever returns with its head receives a prize of 500 gp, fame throughout the city, and the blessing of Balinor. While the quarry of the Hunt is generally referred to as “the beast,” over the years the Hunt has taken different forms. Sometimes multiple creatures participate, and the victor is the hunter who gathers the most skins. During the Last War, rumors persist that a city in Karrnath used prisoners of war as the quarry in the Hunt.

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  • The Tain Gala
    City-icon Sharn   RepeatFirst Far of each month
    Balls, galas, and feasts occur throughout the year, as ambassadors, nobles, and dragonmarked heirs wine and dine their relatives and associates. However, the Tain Gala has become an institution in Sharn. The ir’Tains, one of the oldest and most powerful families in Sharn, owns many towers and their wealth rivals that of the Kundarak clan. The guest list of the Tain Gala defines the social order of the city. The families with permanent invitations to the Gala, the Sixty, are the royalty of Sharn. In addition to these aristocrats and wealthy gentry, Lady Celyria ir’Tain does her best to invite a few unusual celebrities to entertain her guests—artists, poets, and sometimes adventurers. Aside from fantastic food and drink, such guests receive generous gifts and a temporary increase in status; for the next month, the attitude of any member of the Sixty is increased by one category when dealing with the celebrity. An adventurer known to be a friend of Lady ir’Tain often receives invitations to other events or other forms of special consideration.

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  • Victory Day
    Silver-flame The Silver Flame
    Victory Day commemorates the successful conclusion of the lycanthropic purge. Children act out great tales of these final battles with toy swords, while adults attend sermons on the lessons of the triumphs, the defeats, and the sometimes questionable methods used by the templars during the purge.

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  • Fathen’s Fall
    City-icon Sharn
    Fathen’s Fall honors the memory of one of the heroes of the Silver Crusade, the great purge of lycanthropes that occurred over 150 years ago. Fathen exposed scores of lycanthropes in Sharn, but on 25 Barrakas a pack of wererats tore him limb from limb on the streets of North Market. In observance of this event, the faithful gather at the Shrine of Fathen the Martyr (in the North Market district of Lower Northedge) to listen to a sermon given by the priest of High Hope; followers traditionally donate 1 silver piece in memory of the crusade. Shifters in general have an ambiguous feeling toward this holiday. While they have ancestral ties to lycanthropes, many shifters actively participated in the Silver Crusade. Some shifters are comfortable with their ancestors’ participation in the Crusade, while others view it as a dark mark on their heritage. As a result, tensions run high within Sharn’s shifter communities and between shifters and the faithful of the Church of the Silver Flame on Fathen’s Fall.

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