An inside look of Kundarakhold

The Banking Guild is a part of House Kundarak. The guild is in charge of a wide array of activities from offering credit to certifying a silversmith. Even many accountants need the guild's approval.

The Banking Guild's dominance is extreme across the Five Nations and even the Lhazaar Principalities. And the guild dominates in other parts of Khorvaire as well.

Kundarak banks are run by the Banking Guild and its establishments can be found in every city of the five nations and Eastern Khorvaire. These banks are protected by wards and house guards.

The guild regulates commerce in gem cutting, jewelry manufacture, money changing and money lending. It also advises national governments about coinage.

Kundarak vaults are magically linked so that anyone wishing to make a deposit or withdrawal from their storage can do so from any bank.


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