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Azrael Dak was an elven werefox. He served Lord Wilfred Godefroy and became the political ruler of Mordent after Godefroy's departure.

he killed his family in the town of Brigalure, then made a pact with unseen powers {which he called the Dark} to become a werefox. with his newfound ability he terrorized his elven community until the mists brought him to forlorn. He spent time in Gundarak and Barovia before joining up with Godefroy.

when the mists gave Godefroy Mordent and the house on gryphon hill, Godefroy appointed Dak as his emissary. this did not stop the traitorous Dak from contemplating on destroying his master some 30 years later after Dak discovered a source of dark knowledge at the bottom of Veidrava salt mines. Empowered with the knowledge of a foul Ritual to gain control of the shadows of Mordent, Dak conspired with Inza Kulchevitch to avenge the murder of her mother. Azrael's ritual unleashed the night of the screaming shadows. shadows engulfed the house on Gryphon hill, rent it asunder and semmingly obliberated Godefroy.

Azrael Dak became leader of Mordent but not darklord as he had hoped.

Notes: Lycanthrope, Werefox, Elf