An avalancher, from Monster Manual III
Avg. Height 6'
Avg. Weight 400 lbs.
Homeland(s) Eldeen Reaches; Lamannia;
Mror Holds
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Magical Beast (Earth)
Language(s) Terran
Advancement By hit dice
Size Large
Source Monster Manual III

Avalanchers are bizarre six-legged beasts that look to be made from living rock. While they are native to the plane of Lamannia, avalanchers will cross over to Eberron via manifest zones, and have been spotted on the mountains northwest of the Eldeen Reaches, as well as within the Mror Holds.[1][2]

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Avalanchers look quite unusual. They resemble large boulders, with six legs jutting from the center. Also emerging from the fore of the boulder-like body is a tough tendril neck, atop which sits the avalancher's head. Its head possesses a single red eye and not much else. Avalanchers weigh 400 pounds, and stand six feet tall when not curled into its rock-like hibernation form.

Avalanchers are scavengers, hunting the mountains for food. They cause avalanches, which bury their prey, allowing them to feed at leisure. While avalanchers appear to be made of rock, they are not, and their meat is prized by the races that hunt the mountains. Avalanchers have a rudimentary intelligence, and can barely speak Terran. while not intelligent, avalanchers are cunning when they stalk their prey.[1]


While avalanchers prefer to let their avalanches do most of the work, avalanchers will enter combat when hunting. They have the ability to transmute rock to mud, and can burrow through the earth. Their single eye is able to turn 360 degrees, allowing them not to be flanked. They are immune to bludgeoning attacks, and possess both low-light vision and darkvision.[1]


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