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Queen Aurala ir'Wynarn, from Five Nations
Aurala ir'Wynarn
Aliases Queen Aurala ir'Wynarn
Home Fairhaven, Aundair
Gender Female
Race Human
3rd edition rules
Level (CR) 8
Class Aristocrat 8
Alignment Neutral good
Source Five Nations, pg. 136
4th edition rules
Level Init +1

Languages Common, Elven, Halfl ing

AC 16, touch 13, fl at-footed 15

hp 28 (8 HD) Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +8

Speed 30 ft. (6 squares) Melee +1 dagger +7 (1d4+1) or

Ranged +2 longbow +10/+5 (1d8+2)

Base Atk +6; Grp +6

Abilities Str 10, Dex 12, Con 9,Int 14,Wis 14, Cha 15

Feats A lertness, Skill Focus (Bluff), Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Weapon Focus (longbow)

Skills Bluff +16, Diplomacy +16, Knowledge(nobility and royalty) +7, Listen +9, Ride +6, Sense Motive+13, Spot +9,Senses Listen +9,

Possessions Diani’s enchanted gown +3, +2 longbow with 10 arrows, ring of protection +1, amulet of natural armor +1,+1 dagger

Role Hook “My people have no interest in war. Aundair seeks peaceful relations with its old neighbors.”

Aurala ir'Wynarn is the queen of Aundair and the 5th monarch of that nation. She is the daughter of Barvette ir'Wynarn. Aurala hopes to reunite the five nations with herself on the throne of Galifar.

She has ruled Aundair since 980YK and is one of the signers of the Treaty of Thronehold. She is married to Sasik D'Vadalis who gave up his house position to become a member of the Aundairian nobility. As a result of this Aurala is often accused of favouritism towards House Vadalis but in actual fact Aurala goes out of her way to ensure that Vadalis receives no special treatment. In addition to her spouse, she has three children, and the extended royal family also consists of her four siblings.

She is a noted diplomat, both cautious and clever and adept at all the games of intrigue payed at court. Although appearing to relinquish power to other notables she still manages to assert her authority at a moments notice. Her silver tongue and charismatic presence allows her to convince even her most determined detractors with ease.

Aurala's ambitions are vast having lost nearly fifth of her citizens to the newly created Eldeen Reaches. Her main aim is to use the peacetime to rebuild Aundair's strength so that when the time is right she can move against the other nations and claim the Throne of Galifar uncontested. To this aim she utilizes the aid of her brother Adal the Aundairian Warlord and Minister of Magic.


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