Aurad Ir'Wynarn is the governor of Fairhaven, the Queen of Aundair's chief advisor, and the leader of her diplomatic corps.


Aurad is the youngest brother of Queen Aurala ir'Wynarn and a member of the Aundairian Royal Family. Like Aurala, he is a politician instead of a warrior. His morals place him above intrigue and outside the grasp of corruption. The queen can rely upon him to render advice that holds at its foundation the best interests of Aundair and its ruler. He prefers peace, however, and this colors his counsel.  He counts himself and Aundair lucky that his sister believes that the crown of Galifar must be acquired through strategies subtler than outright warfare.

He is married to a woman named Wrenya and together they have five children, including an adolescent daughter named Austasia ir'Wynarn.


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