Aundair's royal family descends from the royal line of Galifar through King Wrogar, the fourth child of King Jarot ir'Wynarn, Galifar's last and final king. Aundair's governor at the dawn of the Last War, Wrogar reluctantly declared himself its King when Galifar collapsed and he and his siblings were unable to unite under a single successor.

Aundair's royal family currently consists of the extended families of the five children of Wrogar's great-granddaughter, the now deceased Queen Barvette. Barvette's eldest child Queen Aurala now rules Aundair. Her four younger siblings include her two brothers Prince Adal, the Royal Minister of Magic and First Lord of Aundair, and Prince Aurad, the Governor of Fairhaven, Aurala's chief advisor, and the leader of her diplomatic corps, as well as her two sisters Princess Wrel and Princess Wrey, both of whom are studying with the mages of Arcanix.

Queen Aurala's consort is Sasik d'Vadalis who gave up his position in House Vadalis to join Aundair's royal family. They have three children, two of whom live with them in Fairhold. These two are Crown Prince Wrogar, a proper young man who stands to inherit the throne, and Princess Corrine, a rebellious teen. Their middle child, Prince Jurian, currently resides in Wroat where he is commonly believed to be in self-imposed exile.

As for the Queen's siblings, Prince Adal, has no spouse and no legitimate children, although he has had numerous paramours. Prince Aurad on the other hand has a wife named Wrenya, and five children, including an adolescent daughter named Austasia who dreams of being a great explorer. Aurad and his family also live in Fairhold.

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