Arcane Ooze
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Ooze
Advancement By hit dice
Size Huge
Source Monster Manual III, pg. 9.

Experts in the arcane have many beliefs on how arcane oozes were created, but they all fear these huge creatures of green protoplasm; an arcane ooze has the ability to drain spellcasting energies. Arcane oozes are found with alarming regularity in the depths of Sharn.[1]


There are many theories as to where arcane oozes come from: some believe that they were created by arcane spellcasters to defeat a rival group of arcane spellcasters; others believe that arcane oozes were created by some event, and that they will eventually drown out all arcane magics in the world.[1]

Arcane oozes have been seen within the floating citadel of Arcanix, home to the Arcane Congress. However, it is not sure if they are there to be studied, or to be created.[2]


Arcane oozes will move and surround their foes. As their acid eats away at their spellcasting prey, they will also suck away their prey's arcane energy, draining away the ability to create or cast spells. They then use this energy to heal themselves, or increase their strength. Arcane oozes are also immune to any type of magic, whether they be spells or spell-lie abilities. Attacks using acid against the arcane ooze will heal it.[1]


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