The Analects of War are a book written by Karrn the Conqueror. A seminar on the book is taught at Rekkenmark Academy every semester by Caldrus ir'Kurtvach.[1]


  • "In the monumental task of war, true triumph evades those without an appreciation for history."[2]
  • "Great advantage flows to the commander who first recognizes the commencement of hostilities, then acts decisively and with overwhelming vigor."[3]
  • "Armies are the forge of victory, and strong armies require strong nations. Plague, famine, and loss of will -- far more than battlefield reversals -- can shatter the greates army."[4]
  • "A stalwart ally is dear as mithral, but should not occasion a lack of vigilance."[5]
  • "Morale among the soldiers and citizenry -- one's own and one's enemies -- is paramount. Be mindful that in serving it internally, a commander not bolster the foe disproportionately."[6]
  • "Few wars pass from triumph to triumph. Persistence even in the face of soul-crushing defeat is the mark of a true conqueror."[7]
  • "An ally is only as uncompromising as the circumstances that compel it to fight. Prepare well for the day when friends become enemies."[8]
  • "War often inspires innovation; be certain that advancements in the manner of conducting war accompany advancements in the means of doing so."[9]
  • "Victory can be had by the swift and focused. Absent quick triumph, however, a robust and well-provisioned foe may overcome a lack of commitment and become a daunting foe."[10]
  • "Once he is shown to be intractable, a wise ruler allows his enemies no means of retreat or surrender. Only utter destruction prevents a foe from rising again."[11]
  • "The most important wartime preparations occur during the cessation of hostilities. War -- the ultimate pursuit of a people -- never entirely ends."[12]

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