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Alexandria d'Phiarlan (Wizard) is an elf born to the Phiarlan elves that stayed in Aerenal after most left. Her family has powerful magical talents and is know for having most of its members developping the Mark of Shadow. Given this, it come as little shock that Alexandria got her mark when she was just a little girl and soon after her magical talents showed themselves. She soon became very powerful at a young age and was soon learning from some of the most powerful wizards on Aerenal. But her house did not let her sit there alone with a powerful dragonmark.

The Phiarlan started trained her in fighting and the uses of her dragonmark. She soon out-striped her teachers in magic and fighting. Members of the Undying Court either had no time or did not wish to teach her, so she was sent to The Twelve in Korth. As she studied she became friends with Aldric d'Cannith (Artificer) and Istaren d'Lyrandar (sorceress). But with friends comes enemies: Daren d'Thuranni (Hexblade) soon became Alexandria’s rival in all ways even in Alexandria and her friends' goals. (That goal is to become members off The Twelve).

After they finished their studies they went their different ways but stayed in contact and visited each other a lot, as well as helping each other will magical projects. Alexandria moved to Sharn and lived in Shae Lias where she made links with The Esoteric Order of Aureon and The Guild of Starlight and Shadow. Her contacts would give her any new information and spells that came through these groups. She did this hoping that it would help her get into The Twelve. After a few years, Alexandria moved to Fairhaven, where she could learn magical information and stayed between Aldric (in Sharn) and Istaren (in Stormhome). She soon became fiends with the Queen and her brother(thanks to her house).

Weapons: Enchanted Daggers

Long blond hair

Purple eyes

6 "2

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Religion: The Undying Court

Notes: Elf, Wizard, Member of House Phiarlan