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Aldric d'Cannith (Artificer)was born in Cyre to a family in the House of Cannith. Unlike his to friends Istaren d'Lyrandar and Alexandria d'Phiarlan, he did not show any magical talents until he was 10. He discovered it when he touched a magical desk in his family home and unlock it with is Artificer power. This desk had a lock that few artificers could open and he was sent to study under the best Artificer in House Cannith. He got his Mark of Making two years later when he found a wand that was shattered in a hallway and he needed to fixes it before he was discovered and as he though of how to fix it but someone came down the hallway where he was so he try to hid. When the person when down the hall he pulled the wand out of its hiding places and found it fixes itself and found the mark appeared on his chest. He was sent to the Twelve after that and he meet his to friends. As he was studying with his two friends he meet a elven warmage called Dithen Elaren. They dated but she left him when they finished there studies and when to go back to the Farlnen . When the Day of moruning happen he was in his finial months of study. With no where to go he went with Alexandria and became a member of Cannith West. Not haveing the family money that Alexandria does, Aldric lives in the Cannith Forgehold in Farhaven.He has contects with Aritificers of Aundair, a few relations in Cannith South he also still has lot of contacts in Zilargo from his younth.

Weapon: one-hand long sword and wand. Short red hair

green eyes

6 "3

Religion: Aureon

Notes: Member of House Cannith, Dragonmarked, Artificer