Alchemical Failsafe
4th edition rules
Type Embedded
Category Basic
Rarity Uncommon
Slot Waist
Level 6 1,800 gp
Level 16 45,000 gp
Level 26 125,000 gp
Source Dragon Magazine issue #385

The alchemical failsafe is a warforged component designed as a surprise attack for warforged on the field. When the warforged installed with an alchemical failsafe become too battered to continue fighting at full strength, this launcher located in their abdomen automatically triggers an alchemical item.[1]

4th Edition MechanicsEdit

One consumable alchemical item can be stored within the alchemical failsafe. When the warforged uses its second wind, if there is a consumable alchemical item stowed within the failsafe, the stowed item can be used as a part of the same action without having to draw it or spend an action to use it. The level 6 version allows for items of 10th level or lower; the level 16 version allows for items of 20th level or lower; the level 26 version allows for any level item.[1]


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