An akleu, from Dragon Magazine issue #348
Avg. Height 6'
Avg. Weight 120 lbs.
Homeland(s) Xoriat
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Outsider (Evil, Extraplanar)
Language(s) Daelkyr, Undercommon
Advancement By character class
Size Medium
Ability Modifiers +6 Strength, +12 Dexterity,
+6 Constitution, +2 Intelligence
+4 Wisdom
Favored Class Ranger
Source Dragon Magazine issue #348

Akleu are vicious nomadic pack hunters from the plane of Xoriat. Some akleu were brought to Eberron by the daelkyr during the Daelkyr War to serve as assassins, though most akleu have left the command of whatever daelkyr remain and hunt on their own.[1]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Akleu are humanoids with translucent bodies and a hunched stature. Though its translucent skin, akleu reveal their purple organs, skeletal structure, and beady black eyes. An akleu's arms and legs possess multiple joins, allowing it to flex them in unusual angles. Its hands and feet are clawed, and its head is flat and wedge-shaped with poisoned teeth. If they stood erect, an akleu would measure 6 feet tall.

Akleu are vicious hunters, preferring to hunt their prey in packs of up to eight creatures. They prefer ambush tactics to front-line assaults. They are nomadic creatures, roaming from place to place in search of prey. They act much like lions, with dominant males leading packs, and mating with the females that do most of the hunting.[1]


Because of their transparency, akleu are extremely hard to hit. Akleu prefer to stalk their prey, and will pounce on their enemies with sneak attacks. Their claws are razor-sharp, and their teeth possess a painful toxin. Akleu possess both low-light vision and darkvision. Like other inhabitants of the plane of Xoriat, akleu are vulnerable to byeshk.[1]


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