Adventurers Guilds Sharn contains two general adventurers guilds: The Clifftop Guild of Upper Dura and the Deathsgate Guild of Middle Tavick’s Landing. The guilds offer similar benefits to members, but each has a different tone; more information can be found in the descriptions of each district. To join an adventurers guild, a character must gain the approval of at least five current members, and must pay the annual dues—13 gp for Clifftop, 12 gp for Deathsgate. In exchange, he gets access to the guildhouse and the companionship of fellow adventurers. Aside from simple camaraderie, this provides the following benefits:

  • While at the guildhouse, the character receives a +2 bonus on any Knowledge (dungeoneering) check or Knowledge check concerning Xen’drik.
  • The guildhouse provides average accommodations for members at a cost of 5 sp/day. However, the guildhouse has the same security precautions as an upscale inn.
  • The guild will store items for members. Both guilds have two voluminous vaults, one of adamantine and one of steel. If objects need to be stored for over a week, the guild charges 5 gp per object/week.
  • The guild maintains lists of references for hirelings and inquisitives that have worked for guild members. As a result, if the party has connections with an adventurers guild, any hirelings they employ should be honest and reliable.

In addition, members share information and may help one another find jobs or expeditions. This is primarily a tool for the DM, who can decide if there is anyone currently staying at the guildhouse who knows anything about the party’s situation.

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