Adal ir'Wynarn is the Royal Minister of Magic and the First Warlord of Aundair. He is a member of both the Aundairian Royal Family and the Aundairian Triumvirate.


Adal is the elder of Queen Aurala ir'Wynarn's two younger brothers. Like his older sister, he also desires to see the Galifar crown upon the head of an Aundairian. Nevertheless, in his dreams it his head upon which the crown rests and not his sister's. Forced to split his attention between Arcanix and the military, he relies a great deal on Lord Darro ir'Lain, whom he views as an aggressive and capable commander of Aundairian forces.

As far as Adal is concerned, The Eldeen Reaches are nothing more than a big meat grinder and he has no desire to see Aundairian troops become food for the beasts of that wild, untamed land.

He does however strongly desire to reclaim Aundair's former capital Thaliost from the Thrane army fortified around it. To this end he has employed a cabal of arcanists that are researching an apocalypse spell capable of raining destruction down upon Thrane's forces there. Once he discovers such a spell, Adal intends to use this new spell to subdue first Thrane, and then all of the other Galifar successor states, preferably under his own rule.


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