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Adal Ir'Wynarn
Home Fairhaven Aundair
Gender Male
Race Human
Born Date of birth
Age Character's age
Additional rules ed. rules
Fighter 2 Wizard 8
Alignment Neutral Evil

Source: Five Nations, p. 18

Adal Ir'Wynarn is the Warlord and Minister of Magic of Aundair.


Adal is the brother of Queen Aurala ir'Wynarn and also desires to see the Gailfar crown upon the head of an Aundairian. However he would like to see the crown on his head not his sister's. This belief is confirmed by the fact that he uses his position to determine much of Aundair's foreign policies. To this end he relies a great deal on Lord Darro ir'Lain, whom he views as an aggressive and capable commander of Aundairian forces.

Currently he has plans to attack the Thrane forces that surround Thaliost. To this end he has employed a cabal of arcanists that are researching an apocalypse spell capable of raining down on all Thrane forces simultanously. If his plan works he will use this new spell to attempt to subdue all the other nations to his will.


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