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Shigure has been put on trial for the murder of a House Orien Lightning Rail guard. She awaits in a prison cell, while the rest of the party try to figure out what to do next...

Calvert d'Sivis has done his job, although in an unexpected way. He approaches the party with a way to sway the impending trial in Shigure's favor. He doesn't explain much. Calvert simply says to meet with his associate at the Starfire Dragon, a showhouse in the Smoky Towers district of Sharn. When Temper, Cade, and Naaman arrive at the Starfire Dragon they are treated to balcony seats and drinks. As the show begins, they hear a voice behind them. The voice explains he is an agent of Breland; a Dark Lantern. His moniker is "The Red Daisy", and he directs the party not to look back at him.

The Red Daisy explains that Maldazar has escaped from the Brelish authority's custody. Unfortunately, the situation is even more complex. Using a psionic kalashtar, Breland has gleaned information from Maldazar's memories. Of course, they found the information pertaining to Argonth's weakness, but in addition, they believe they've discovered something else entirely. Apparently, Maldazar has information to the whereabouts of a powerful artifact in Xen'Drik. Intel from agents of the Dark Lanterns leads Brelish authorities to believe Maldazar's destination after escaping is Xen'Drik, to find this artifact.

The Red Daisy offers help with Shigure's trial if the party agrees to follow Maldazar into Xen'Drik and find the artifact before Maldazar does. If the party kills Maldazar in the process, that wouldn't hurt. To further complicate matters, Maldazar is now known to be in league with the infamous Order of the Emerald Claw. This may explain why Lord Garrek and his minions were after Maldazar in Valenar.

The party agrees to this, and shortly after Shigure is released from prison. Shigure and Cade go to Dorian d'Lyrandar to plead for help from his crew and his airship. With much deliberation, Dorian agrees to help. Although, his decision is in direct violation of his House's orders. If caught, he may be punished severely; perhaps even excoriated.

The party is to meet the kalashtar who gleaned this knowledge from Maldazar at the Bloody Mug tavern in Graywall, a Karnnathi district of Sharn. When they arrive, they find Lakashtai, a strikingly beautiful kalashtar. She seems neither eager, nor relaxed. She seems calculated more than anything and seems to have intimate knowledge of the party. She explains the situation more, and tells the party to be prepared to depart the following evening.

The party spends much time gathering supplies for the long journey ahead and meets Dorian at his ship. They then depart. Clear skies ahead.

To be continued...