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Deep in the Blade Desert of Valenar, near the city of Keth.

A slave driver, known as Balkuba, was transporting slaves captured during the Last War to a slave-trading outpost near Keth. Naaman Troy, Garrek, and Amorneon were all three part of the slaves being transported. The band of slaves, led by Balkuba and his troupe of Valenar mercenaries trekked for weeks across the desert amid intense heat and many sandstorms. The journey seemed to continue tirelessly until one day the group was attacked by a huge sand wurm. Amidst the comotion of the battle, Naaman, Garrek and Amorneon escaped, fleeing through the desert. The party continued throughout the day and into the night until seeing a large camp ahead. They enter the camp peacefully and found out the camp was made up of elves of House Phiarlan's Carnival of Shadows. The party stays the night, aqcuiring their first items to use on the journey ahead. Early in the morning they are awoken. Balkuba and his mercenaries are on the hunt after the party. They flee throughout the early morning hours until finding a ruined city deep in the sand to take refuge.

To be continued...

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