This tall, imposing cathedral was one of the largest outside Thrane’s borders, and it was a frequent sendoff point for many Silver Flame missionaries to the west. But when the Church of the Silver Flame seized control of Thrane after Thalin’s death in 914 YK, King Wrogar ordered the cathedral closed, and its clerics fled rather than face arrest.

The cathedral has lain vacant ever since. A few looters have explored its many chambers, but most Fairhaveners regard the place as haunted. Few children willingly walk within the cathedral’s shadow, believing that “Thrane ghosts” will get them if they do. Even adults regard it as bad luck to stand within the cathedral’s shadow—or even to acknowledge its presence. The entire city does its best to pretend that the cathedral isn’t there.

One of Fairhaven’s most powerful criminal syndicates, the Dark Dagger Gang, has seized the opportunity that the city’s deliberate amnesia presents. The changeling head of the syndicate, Kreelo, has moved his headquarters into the cathedral. Now the Dark Dagger gang plots to rule Fairhaven’s underworld from amid the tattered tapestries and shattered stained-glass windows of the former cathedral.